Polyphia’s Tim Henson Working On Solo Project And It’s Pretty Nice


Polyphia‘s Tim Henson is working on some new stuff that doesn’t quite fit in with his main project. He will be releasing a brand new solo EP this summer, mixed and mastered by bandmate Scottie LePage‘s nose.

Henson had a few words to say regarding the upcoming release.

Today is a very special day for me. I’m very excited to debut my first single as a solo artist. This music is my creative outlet for anything that doesn’t quite fit for Polyphia, so expect much more. I hope to release an EP this summer, so I’ll be keeping you all updated. Until then, enjoy this video I made for the song. The track, of course, is mixed and mastered by tha boi Scottie LePage.

If you like what you hear, you can download the single from https://timhenson.bandcamp.com/releases

If you would like to learn the song, the tab and Fractal Audio Axe FX tone are available at http://timhenson.bigcartel.com/




Burdened by the dankness of his memes.

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