No Sin Evades His Gaze - Filth

British tech groove metal band No Sin Evades His Gaze definitely deserve more attention. Their debut album Age of Sedation was one of my favorites in 2014, and I keep coming back to it. It’s just an extremely groovy and catchy album that’s fun to listen to and get hyped. So obviously I got hyped when they released a video for one of the best tracks on the album, “Filth”.

I present to you, the video:


I can’t not nod along to the groove in this song. The video isn’t the most intricate thing ever, but it gets the job done, and considering they’re independent, it’s pretty impressive. While they haven’t posted lyrics, this blurb on their Bandcamp sums it up, and is pretty effective:

We’re not saved by our saviours,
everyday that passes we make new martyrs.
I’ll show the world your true face:
I’l burn the bridges you make.

Speaking of Bandcamp, you can download the song on here for the very enticing price of free, and the album here for the very reasonable price of £7. I would recommend it, it’s definitely worth it.


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