Thanks to the ever attentive Earsplit PR we present you with a brand new track from Poland’s Deivos. The death metal outfit will be releasing their new album Theodicy through Selfmadegod Records next month, but until then, feast your eyes on the latest track to see the light of 2015. ‘El Shaddai’ is streaming after the jump and you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not checking it out.

One of the admittedly less dynamic of the six tracks that make up Theodicy, ‘El Shaddai’ still grooves for days. The central riff is a motif which rears its head throughout the track, syncopating in such a way that only quality death metal can. Less from the school of Behemoth and borrowing more from their other countrymen Decapitated, Deivos showcase their brutal chops with a plethora of metal technique. The guitar work in the track is as tasteful as technically proficient death metal can get. The jangle of the bass underneath precise guitars and playful percussion (is that a woodblock blast beat?) keeps things interesting throughout the tracks seven minute run time.

Having been lucky enough to be have heard the full album, I can’t wait to share a full review with you guys. Definitely not a one trick pony, Deivos strike hard from every angle available to them. Theodicy is released on 15th February and you can get preorders here. Don’t sleep on some of the heaviest metal this year.


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