Slipknot Expand North American Touring Plans To Include Headlining Dates With Hatebreed

slipknot prepare for hell tour 2015

Slipknot may be controversial amongst the online internet community, but they are without a doubt one of the biggest active metal acts of 2015. The band returned from a lengthy hiatus with their new album .5: The Grey Chapter and subsequent headlining tour with Korn and King 810. Neither the album nor the tour turned too many heads around these parts, but it’s hard to ignore the actions of a band so influential to our formative years of metal fandom.

So in the off-chance you care about Slipknot and couldn’t make it out to last year’s headlining trek, you might have another opportunity to catch the band touring Stateside this album cycle. This time, they’re taking hardcore act Hatebreed in tow. Check out the dates:

4/29 – Pensacola, FL
4/30 – New Orleans, LA
5/2 – Birmingham, AL
5/5 – Knoxville, TN
5/8 – Bloomington, IL
5/10 – Cedar Rapids, IA
5/12 – Erie, PA
5/13 – Scranton, PA
5/16 – Grand Rapids, MI

Not exactly a lengthy run of dates, but it’s hard telling how long this iteration of Slipknot will be active before they fuck off to take care of other projects. Take what you can get! Tickets are on sale this Friday, January 23rd.

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