Catharsy Roche vid

Carthasy‘s last album had me captivated from the first note, as my review pointed out.

Now, the band have been kind enough to let us debut the new music video from the album for the song ‘Roche’! Check it after the jump.

Via the band:

“From their bold and ambitious debut album THE GYRE, Perth’s CARTHASY are set to further stamp their mark on the Australian alt-prog scene with the release of their second single and debut video clip for ROCHE.

‘Roche’ sees the band push their expansive, progressive sound in a direction unique to the rest of the album. Opening with a brooding, dissonant ambience and a haunting melody, Roche quickly gathers pace in an off-kilter, heavy groove before imploding on itself in a powerful climax.

The release also sees the band’s first foray into the audio visual world. Crafted by budding British film producer John Powell, the clip had its origins in somewhat exotic and humble circumstances. Vocalist Garry Dick on the development of the video:

‘I met John while backpacking in Brazil last year. This young British guy came up and asked to join me surfing and while we were out in the water John told me about his passion for film making. Later that night after a few beers I coaxed him into showing me his work. I instantly loved what I saw – dark, moody, engaging, basically everything that we had envisaged for a Carthasy video. After a few more beers I threw out the idea of him working on a video for us and he agreed right there and then.”

Not sure after their inebriated agreement that the project would ever see the light of day, there was an initial skepticism.

“We lost touch after going our separate ways and I thought nothing more of it, but a few months later John has hunted me down on Facebook and sends me a storyboard for the track. A few weeks later he emails me again saying that he had just completed the filming of the narrative back in his native UK. So at this point we were kinda locked in! As soon as I touched down back in Perth we shot our live performance with local filmographer Joel Crane, packed it up then sent it off to the UK for John to do his thing. A few months later and here we have it. So considering how loosely the idea came about and how the whole project was built on trust, we are blown away and couldn’t be happier with the end product.”

The music video rules, and is definitely fitting for one of the coolest songs on the album. Pick it up here if you haven’t already!


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