wrvthIt’s a fresh start with a new label and even a new name for one of Northern California’s best tech death bands. We’ll have the skinny after the jump.

2013’s Revelation was indeed a revelation for Wrath of a Vesuvius and not entirely in a good way. Artistically the record drew strong reviews and passionate responses for fans of technical death metal, that is for those people with the patience to wait the months and months it took the band’s previous label Mediaskare to actually release it.

So after hearing the news that the band had just signed to Unique Leader, I had to ask if the members think that delay hurt Revelation‘s success?

“Yes significantly,” drummer Joseph Serrano answers. “There was a lot of hype for that release, but the delays caused people to forget about it or just stopped caring. We released the single one full year before the CD was released. That’s bad. Unfortunately we had no control of that.”

Already Wrath of Vesuvius, or as they will be known starting with the upcoming release, WRVTH, is feeling the positive vibes of being with Unique Leader.

“Simply put, it gives us the chance to stand up and stand out as a band,” bassist Taylor Preston adds. “So many doors have opened from this alone.”

WRVTH (say it “wrath”) is already hard at work on the band’s first Unique Leader release.

“I feel like for this record, everybody added something to each part for each song,” new (and former) vocalist Thomas Vasquez says. “Whether it be a drum part, guitar lead, riff, lyrics or whatever. We wrote this record together as a band and I think that will show in the new songs and new approach on this new record. Personally, musically, and lyrically it contains the good and bad times we’ve had as a band. Our blood sweat and tears are all over this album in every song.”

Thomas’ brother Marcus Vasquez who plays guitar agrees the next record will be a step forward from Revelation

“It’s much more expansive and melodically driven. We’ve matured this time around. Everything from our songwriting, to our experiences touring, to member changes and generally us as people. Revelation was a little abrupt for us. There was ideas that we didn’t get to fully elaborate on because we were rushed to record it. Nonetheless great for what it was, but just a precursor of what’s to come. We’ve definitely grown as a band.”

The band’s other guitarist Jeremy Larsen says this album was written with the live performance in mind.

“I’ve always believed that to fully experience a band you need to experience them live, same goes for us. More so on this album. There’s an aspect to a live show that can’t be conveyed through CD.”

So look for new music from WRVTH (it’s okay if you still want to call them Wrath of Vesuvius) later this year and hopefully this time with the support of a label that believes in releasing music on time.

In addition you can sample their live performances during an upcoming tour with fellow Northern California techies Inanimate Existence. 

2/26/2015 The 207 – Stockton, CA
2/27/2015 EPEK Print Shop – Salinas, CA
2/28/2015 Musichead – Medford, OR
3/01/2015 The Third Street Pub – Bend, OR
3/02/2015 The Pin – Spokane, WA
3/03/2015 The Palace Lounge – Missoula, MT
3/04/2015 Machinery Row – Great Falls, MT
3/05/2015 Loading Dock – Salt Lake City, UT
3/06/2015 Bushwackers Saloon – Denver, CO
3/07/2015 The Blu Phoenix – Albuquerque, NM
3/08/2015 Joe’s Grotto – Phoenix, AZ
3/09/2015 Slidebar – Fullerton, CA
3/10/2015 Boondocks Tavern – Banning, CA
3/11/2015 White Oak Music – Van Nuys, CA
3/12/2015 Strummer’s – Fresno, CA FREE Show!
3/13/2015 The Divebar – Las Vegas, NV
3/14/2015 Arlene Francis Center – Santa Rosa, CA
3/15/2015 On The Y – Sacramento, CA


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