Last year was insane but few releases stand out like A Sense of Gravity‘s Travail. Featuring a sincere dedication to being progressive coupled with the ability to keep things refresh, the release was immediately catchy and yet contained a lot of depth. A lot of it was due to the pristine guitar work of one David McDaniel. Yesterday, McDaniel sadly announced that he would be leaving the band to focus on other avenues. Head on over the jump for his announcement and the band’s official response.

McDaniel explains his decision to leave the band:

So, after what…4 years? 3 and a half? I’ve decided to leave my band, A Sense of Gravity. It’s been genuinely life changing being in that band, with those fantastic people and I’ll never forget the times we’ve had as a little Seattle band trying to make our way. I’ve changed a lot since when I made that little Stranger ad living on my friend Shane’s couch, and I’ve become a better person because of them. Thank you, Brendon, Brandon, Peter, C.J. and Chance. I love you all.

Here’s A Sense of Gravity’s official response:
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What can we say? We sincerely wish McDaniel good fortune in any future endeavor and mostly hope that A Sense of Gravity can stay focused on their second release. They are high on the Heavy Blog roster and we’re all expecting great things from them and you wouldn’t want to disappoint us. You hear?


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