Concert Review – Progfest 2019

Australia’s Progfest has been steadily gaining in size and popularity, in the decade since its inception. Just three years ago the touring festival consisted entirely of local acts. However, 2018 saw the bill expand to include Norway’s Leprous as international headliners, and the festival managed triple that number this year—drafting…

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Heavy Blog’s Interview with Michael Gagen (hazards of swimming naked, Echotide, ex-Arcane)

Today we’re joined by none other than Michael Gagen, guitarist extraordinaire at bands you may have heard of, like hazards of swimming naked and (ex-) Arcane, and bands you’ve probably never heard of, like Echotide, agrammeofsoma and more. We don’t know which of those bands you’ve heard of, but we…

James Norbert Ivanyi – The Usurper

We’ve told you to go and listen to James Norbert Ivanyi before, and we’re here today to tell you to go and listen to him again. In a burgeoning scene which is becoming increasingly populated with derivative and uninspiring music, Ivanyi is still one of the finest one-man instrumentalists out there and he shows it again with his EP from earlier in the year, The Usurper.

Hey! Listen to Paradigm!

We here at HeavyBlog are big fans of James Norbert Ivanyi, an Australian guitarist who is at the forefront of the modern instrumental metal movement. Last year we praised his excellent EP titled The Matter Circumvention and this year he returned with another stellar EP, the far too short The Usurper. However, what many may not be aware of is that prior to pumping out killer EPs as a solo act, James was in an Aussie progressive metal band named Paradigm. They put out one record, 2012’s Mind Is Key, prior to disbanding, and you should definitely go listen to it!

Hey! Listen To James Norbert Ivanyi!

Virtuoso guitarists are a tricky bunch: their music often tends towards staleness and a singular focus on technicality that leaves the heart wanting. However, if you strike gold, you need look no further than their albums for groove, inventiveness and excellent music. I’m here to tell you that I’ve struck…