Destrage acoustic

With the triumphant release of Are You Kidding Me? No., there’s no denying Destrage truly took 2014 by storm – but it seems the record is the gift that just keeps on giving, as the band have kicked off 2015 by unveiling a lovely acoustic rendition of album highlight ‘Where The Things Have No Colour’.

Are You Kidding Me? No. rightfully made its way to #7 on our Best of 2014 list for its calculated and relentless yet light-hearted take on progressive metal, but hearing the mathematically precise assault stripped away and faithfully recreated with acoustic guitars and a strings trio is an absolute delight in its own right. The video is a single live take with little post-production, and despite the stark difference from what we’re used to hearing from the Italian band, it’s downright hard to see this treat leaving the listener with anything but wanting more material in the same vein.


Regarding the video, the band added:

Where The Things Have No Colour has a very personal meaning to us. This song talks about certain moments, it’s hard to explain them but if you felt like this once in your life you will find the lyrics extremely familiar. We talked a lot about the possibility of making an acoustic version of one of our songs, and this felt like being the perfect occasion.

Our biggest thanks goes to Larsen Premoli (RecLab Studio) who arranged the strings trio and made this version possible. This video is dedicated to all the people and friends involved in our project, who always support us during tours, recording sessions, video making, bullshit and everything that concerns the band’s universe. You know who you are.

We hope you’re going to enjoy this version, even if it sounds a bit different from our standards. We wish you all an amazing 2015!

If this is the kind of release we’re kicking 2015 off with, it’s safe to say it should be plenty amazing indeed!



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