The Helix Nebula‘s debut EP, Meridian, was criminally overlooked last year. In an age of pretentious, “mature” prog and the disintegration of the djent sound, The Helix Nebula are a breath of fresh, adventure prog air. They can compose, they can record and they can play. Further cementing themselves as a name to be watched, they have just released a play through video for ‘Crystal Plains’, my personal favorite off the EP. Head on over the jump for all that goodness!


To be honest, the solo at the three minutes and a half mark says all you need to know. The bass line that follows it is so well composed that it always leaves me in awe. The whole thing just springs with the sweetness that The Helix Nebula know how to extract from their instruments, never falling into the tired cliches of the genre they inhabit. I for one simply cannot wait for an LP to grace the airs. Make this happen!

P.S: make sure you stick to the very end for a cat and some very pleasing images.



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