Typically, blackgaze and post-rock mix into a crushing, noisy wall a la Deafheaven or Wolves In The Throne Room. However, Sannhet are not your run-of-the-mill blackgaze band.

They subvert this production style in favor of a more ethereal mix that gives the tremolo-picked guitar leads vast spaces in which to play around and contort. This technique worked well on their debut, Known Flood, a floaty, introspective LP from 2013 that combined black metal, shoegaze, and post-rock into a potent combination. This new take on the genre’s sound left the interest of many piqued, and it’s good to be able to announce that Sannhet are back it.

“Lost Crown” picks up sonically where they left off at the end of Known Flood, in the best possible way- this is a fantastic 3-minute slice of introspective, ambient, blackgaze, presented for your listening pleasure.


Sannhet’s new album will be out sometime this year from record label The Flenser.


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