EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Listen to Journal’s Explosive Return With “Eden, The Uncherished”

First off, yeah it is funny that I'm premiering a track called "Eden, The Uncherished". But let's move past funny coincidences and talk about Journal for a second. They're an incredibly underrated band which started experimenting with the kind of chaotic mathcore that's all the rage these days in our little part of the Internet. Especially worth mentioning, and listening to, is their 2010 release, Unlorja, an expansive and ambitious work of progressive metal, blending concept album, incredible heaviness and jaw-dropping technicality into one. Now, eight years and change later, Journal are set to return with Chrysalis Ordalias. Having heard the album, I can tell you that it's every bit as mind-bending as the previous one. Don't believe me? Check out the track below to see for yourself.