Heavy Blog’s Editors’ Picks: March 2016

With so much great music out there and so much music that our staff reviews (and plenty that we don't), it can be difficult to keep up with it all and determine which releases are the most worth your time. Harnessing the wide-ranging and diverse tastes of our editorial staff, our monthly Editors' Picks column is our gift to you to guide you towards the music that's impacting us the most. You can read our picks from previous months right here. Ah, March! The end of winter is nigh, spring is nearly upon us, and the heavy hitters are preparing to unleash more music than we possibly know what to do with. Even though all of us here at Heavy Blog are practically salivating at everything that April has in store for us, this past month wasn't exactly shabby. We've got a lineup of some incredible albums for you to check out if you haven't already, and for the first time, we're also including a shortlist of other albums from the past month (metal or otherwise) that get our collective seal of approval. Also for the first time, you'll notice that we've installed a nifty little Spotify widget in our site sidebar featuring a playlist of said top picks from this past month. As always, feel free to share your own top picks in the comments, and without further ado, let’s dig in into this month’s offerings!

Danimal Cannon – Lunaria

In an ever-expanding world of creation, new releases are born into the world each day. As more music is produced, the task of keeping new musical releases fresh and interesting becomes more complicated and tire... Read More...

The Anatomy Of: Danimal Cannon

As many of you Heavy Blog readers know, we're nerds. And we love being nerds. This may come as a shock to some of you, actually, but to the majority, you'll instantly recognize us as fellow nerds. I mean, who's really the audience for heavy metal anyway? That said, it's always a wonderful thing when powerful musicianship and straight-up nerdery come together to form something so utterly fun and enjoyable. Which is why several of us are big fans of Dan Behrens, more commonly known in the musical world as Danimal Cannon! Or Armcannon, if you've been following his work for some time. You may remember Dan from his recent premiere of "Behemoth" from the forthcoming Lunaria, but we were also lucky to have him on our 2014 Heavy Blog is Heavy year-end compilation with "Red Planet."