We’ve already told you numerous times about Outrun the Sunlight and their upcoming album, Terrapin, and we regret nothing: this is one of the best instrumental releases of the year. The fusion of jazz, metalcore and post-rock is one of the smoothest we’ve ever seen and any fan of intelligent, well composed music should be frothing at the lip for this release. You can now get another sample for yourself, as the band have released a video for what is beyond doubt the best track on the album, ‘The Pace of Glaciers’. Head on over the jump to view the beauty.


I’ve already said my piece in the review post but let me reiterate: ‘The Pace of Glaciers’ is one of the most moving tracks of the year. Add to that the crisp production of both music and visuals here, the energy the band possesses and the excellent cinematography (shot in part by Adrian Perez of Warforged, now a full time members of Outrun the Sunlight) and you get an excellent video.

Listen closely: have you complained this week that good music is scarce (I know you have)? Have you wished you could do something to improve the state of our scene (you’d better)? Well, now is your chance. Head over here to help Outrun the Sunlight with their crowd-funding campaign. This is a worthy album of your time and money, don’t miss out!


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