Thrash-turned-power metal legends Blind Guardian are back at it once again, giving us just a bit more than a taste this time of their upcoming album, Beyond the Red Mirror. A full-fledged sequel to their 1995 album Imaginations From the Other Side, the new record is due out on January 30th, 2015, marking a full twenty years since the band have touched the source material.

Now we have our first course in “Twilight of the Gods,” a full song from the new record.


There’s something weird about the production in this song, seemingly being recorded in mono over stereo, but there’s no doubt that it’s 100% pure Blind Guardian goodness. There are tinges of all their old work, ranging from the obvious Imaginations to even Nightfall in Middle-Earth and some A Night at the Opera. Needless to say, Guardian fans, old and new, should be stoked and raise either their goblets or blades up high in preparation.



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