Alkaloid - The Malkuth Grimoire

I’ve gotta say, when both Hannes Grossman and Christian Muenzner left Obscura, I was rather upset, because Omnivium is one of my all-time favorite albums. But when I was speaking with Christian about a guest solo he was working on for my album, he mentioned he was in the studio recording with a new project. I was very excited, and it turned out that the project was Alkaloid. Not only does Alkaloid feature him, but it also features Hannes Grossman, Linus Klausenitzer who currently plays bass in Obscura and Noneuclid, Danny Tunker of Aborted and Morean of Noneuclid. Not only is this in some ways Obscura 2.0, it’s also essentially a supergroup. Alkaloid’s vision is to be the most progressive metal band out there, and their first single, “Carbon Phrases”, definitely fits the bill clocking at nine and a half minutes. So, you can check the full song, the album teaser for The Malkuth Grimoire and their crowdfunding campaign for said album after he jump.

At this point, would you really be surprised if I said I really love the new song? The clean vocals are surprising and great, the song has great atmosphere, and it sounds amazingly crisp. The trademark styles of all the players are in there. While this is clearly one of the moodier songs, the teaser shows that Alkaloid won’t shy away from extremity and craziness when need be. It’s incredible how they’ve taken the perfect sound they had on Omnivium and added more character and depth to it. The slower sections on that album provided great contrast to the heaviness, and they always left me wanting more. Well, it seems like Alkaloid will deliver on exactly that, and much more. The Malkuth Grimoire is definitely my most anticipated album of 2015 as of now. So please go help them fund it!

The teaser:


P.S: Here’s the NYN song with the guest solo from Christian!

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