It’s easy to forget, from the spectator side, that being in a band is a very demanding thing in areas that are sometimes invisible to listeners: constant rehearsing, loading in gear, team chemistry and constant movement are only a few of the challenges facing aspiring musicians everywhere. It often happens that when a certain field fails, a member must leave or the group disband all together. Today, Intervals announced that they would be parting ways with their excellent vocalist, Mike Semesky, and start auditioning for his replacement. Head on over the jump for the full release.

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Many of our blog staff members enjoy Intervals and we all think very highly of Semesky, in his numerous past and current roles. We wish him all the best on his new path, whatever that might be. At the same time, we hope that Intervals find a worthy replacement soon.

So, what do you say readers? Think you’ve what it takes to replace Semesky? You never know, we might be covering you in  a future post!



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