We love Decibel Magazine. They’re easily the best metal rag on the planet for those serious about extreme metal. I mean, Revolver and Metal Hammer were cool once, but when you compare the cover artists that have graced all these magazines, you’ll find the odds stacked in favor of Decibel when it comes to legitimacy and musical quality. You won’t catch Black Veil Brides featured in the magazine outside of advertising space, that’s for sure.

This month’s issue of Decibel (Issue #106, August 2013) features some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it news briefs from Heavy Blog favorites Ulcerate and Pig Destroyer that I found to be of particular interest that I couldn’t help but pass along:

Ulcerate Update On New Album


On page 24, there’s a quarter page “studio short shot” written by Daniel Lake regarding Ulcerate’s Relapse Records debut. The post-death metallers are hammering away at the follow-up to 2011’s The Destroyers Of All, and it seems like we definitely won’t be getting Destroyers v.2.0; In fact, the new record is shaping up to be even more dense and chaotic. Drummer Jaime Saint Merat didn’t mince words; the band feels that The Destroyers of All was “too clean and tidy,” and the new material was grittier and more difficult to play. Considering how jarring TDOA was, this next record will be insane. The word “clusterfuck” was even used by Merat in describing the new material. I’d imagine we could expect more angular riffing and complicated drumming with less doomy atmospherics. We’ll see how the material shapes up when the album drops late 2013/early 2014.


Pig Destroyer’s Prowler In The Yard Seeing Re-Issue

Pig Destroyer - Prowler

It may make me seem late to the game, but 2007’s Phantom Limb was my introduction to seeing grindcore in a favorable light. Since then, Pig Destroyer have grown to become one of my favorite bands, with their latest album Book Burner being one of my favorite releases of 2012. I’m not the only one who holds the band in such light; this month’s Decibel magazine inducted the group’s 2001 album Prowler in the Yard into the Decibel Hall of Fame.

According to a half-page ad following the feature on page 75, Relapse Records and Pig Destroyer are celebrating the induction by re-issuing the album later this year, remixed and remastered by guitarist Scott Hull himself. Prowler in the Yard needed a bit of a facelift; I enjoy the material, but Hull’s production and studio tech has improved greatly since then, so Prowler should be sounding pretty damn good. More details will emerge soon, but so far all we know is that the deluxe vinyl will have a Decibel Hall of Fame exclusive color available.

Get acquainted with Prowler in the Yard below.


If you liked what you saw above, make sure you pick up a subscription to Decibel. Seriously, it rules.

– JR


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