A while ago, I ran into IAMFIRE at Download Festival without even knowing sported Peter Dolving, formerly of The Haunted, on the vocals. I instantly fell in love and ran (well, flew) back home to tell all of you to listen to what little material the band had back then on their SoundCloud. I am extremely happy to inform you that the band have released their first official single, ‘Burn Your Halo Red’. Head on over the jump to give it a listen!


This track does not disappoint in any way. Dolving sounds great and the rest of the instrumentation works great around him. However, some of the other tracks online have a few more experimental sections to them, which this track lacks. Hopefully we’ll be getting renditions of the rest of their repertoire soon. In the meantime, this certainly scartches my eternal doom-rock itch and for that, I am grateful. With a bit luck we’ll have more IAMFIRE news in the future!


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