With two tracks already seeing release over the past month or so, the hype for melodic hardcore powerhouse The Ghost Inside‘s new album has been in full swing. The two tracks we heard sported amazing production, catchy choruses and just about everything you’d expect from a The Ghost Inside release. Now, it’s time to see if the entire album lives up to the same standard, as the band are streaming their new album via Alternative Press. Head on over the jump for the stream!

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The short answer: yes, it does. The full answer: this album is great. I just can’t get over how great the production sounds, with everything sounding crystal clear in the forefront of the mix, the vocals sitting beautifully on top it all and a full-bodied volume permeating throughout. The song writing is also quite engaging, not willing to resort to simple structures or expected lines.

You can pre-order Dear Youth, which sees release on the 11/17, right here.


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