Earlier this year, The Pneumatic Transit’s drummer, Mike Mirro, passed away. The former Umphree’s McGee and Pneumatic Transit drummer was just 36.

Guitarist Jeff Zampillo had this to say in regards to his relationship with Mike:

“The first time Mike and I had the opportunity to play together was beyond magical. I was invited to sit in on a free jazz set and the two of us connected on many different levels of rhythmic phrases. Following the set we hung out until sunrise, walking the snow-covered streets and making plans for The Pneumatic Transit. Shortly after we started rehearsing the compositions we linked up on a crucial aspect of creativity, friendship. In order to help pay for studio time Mike and I would play little dinner parties and private events. The last time we played together was at a wine tasting event. That evening someone requested that we play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I vividly remember looking over at him and saying, “I only know the first couple of bars of changes.” Mike looked back at me and said, “We got it man, lets just play it.” Within a minute of searching for the whole composition in a sea of ambiance we began playing the tune. After closing the final measure of music we humbly accepted a standing ovation. We just looked at each other and laughed.”

It’s always sad when a fellow musician passes away. The band is still going through with the release of their debut record, and we’ll have more on that as it comes, but the band wanted to let some time pass before really letting go and beginning to move on. While it happened earlier this year, we should never forget.

via Ryan’s Rock Show.


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