Not much has been released about The Ghost Inside‘s upcoming release except that it’s definitely a thing. To be honest, I am at the edge of my seat on this, as their 2012 Get What You Give is one of my favorite albums. The amount of emotions that these guys can channel into their brand of hardcore is admirable and insanely addictive. Now, the band have released a new track from whatever the upcoming release will be and you know what just head on over after the jump to listen for yourself.


Leave it to our good friend and photographer Maclyn Bean to categorize these guys and track expertly: melodic hardcore with an irresponsible amount of breakdowns. From the first few seconds, the power of the vocals to be expected here is made obvious, only to then be followed by insane drums. The production could be a bit tighter, especially around the aforementioned drums, but that just adds a certain edge and fuzzyness to the whole thing. At the end of the day, this track leaves me begging for more but we’ll all just have to hold our horses as literally zero information about the upcoming release has been provided. You’ll know more when we do!



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