job for a cowboy sun eater
We’ve made our opinions clear with our coverage of the newest album by Metal Blade love ’em or hate ’ems Job For A Cowboy. Spencer wrote a perfect review with a perfect score for Sun Eater recently and finally, for both the eager to hear and the uninformed, you can now stream the whole thing. From the opening note to the closing fade out this album kicks the most severe of ass. Take a bite out of the red star after the jump.

Metal Blade have done us cretins the most glorious of favors by streaming the full album before its worldwide release. While it may be a needless rehash of previously posted opinions, there are not enough words to describe the metal communities collective reaction when this reached the harsh light of day. There is a severe injustice in play if you simply write this album and band off because of past transgressions. I’m just going to leave a quote from Mr Snitil regarding this album as the closing statement for this feature.

“…now that Sun Eater is upon us, a new limit of greatness has been created, and it’s higher than anything before it.”



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