If you have been paying attention, Heavy Blog Is Heavy and myself in particular have been quite excited about the new Homewrecker record Circle Of Death. With the release date falling on Hallows Eve you can treat yourself early with all nine tracks of this furious album  which is streaming after the jump. Don’t waste a moment, no matter how behind you are in your spooky preparations!

Metal Hammer are the benefactors of the premiere of this filthy slice of A389 Recordings and they have made the somewhat tacky Fall holiday something to be feared again. What the first few tracks released have not given away is the variety of rage that the album stimulates. There’s ferocious d-beat hardcore right next to a handful of grim slow burners that boil over into the most twisted of stampede inspiring mosh. Circle Of Death does not need any more build up, listen to it right now and tell us what your favorite song is below. Try not to rage out listening to ‘Authority Of The Mind’, I dare you.


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