While the ambient pop rock mishap that was ‘Drown’ had a redeemable and catchy chorus, the newest track from the British poster children for neck tattoos is, without being too mean, a hulking big piece of excrement. If you have some time to kill and want to question how a band like Bring Me The Horizon can move so drastically from where they came from then check it out after the jump. If you don’t I won’t be offended.

‘Don’t Look Down’ features guest vocals from a British rapper that, I presume, has been dredged from the deep, deep bowels of atrocious UK hip-hop. The electronic drums and bass warbles that would belong in a Hellogoodbye track barely scratch the surface of what is wrong with this. At this point it feels like flogging a dead horse but wow, could this actually suck any more? If you think so then by all means let us know how in the comments below. If, through some twisted perversion, you think I’m completely wrong then by all means let us know too. Apparently their new album Drown is out in December.  Watch this space, if you’re so inclined.



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