One of my favorite bands that have the A389 Recordings branding stamped all over their filthy, hardcore faces have just released the title track from their forthcoming LP. Homewrecker, hailing from the hardcore Meccah that is Cleveland, play a hybrid of d-beat and thrash that never loses the DIY attitude of their forefathers, and, with ‘Circle Of Death’, are teasing a brutal barrage of energetic hardcore for all to enjoy. First things first, check out the track after the jump!

Being the first track from a forthcoming release (premiered over at Noisey, like everything crusty these days), it would be easy to jump into judgement about the direction the band are taking. Kerry King style soloing and guitars so furry that even Gillette wouldn’t touch them help drive a two minute song that is definitely more thrash orientated than previous efforts. Their last album Worms And Dirt was a lo-fi effort that catered to fans of black and thrash metal as much as it appealed to fans of hardcore but so far, it looks like thrash is the name of the game here. The traditional Homewrecker grime and hostility is still abundant though, don’t let the thrash fool you. Until we get to hear more of the new spin, this beast of a track should keep everyone hungry for more.

Circle Of Death is out on Halloween through the prolific A389 Recordings. Get your preorder here now. NOW! (Also, that artwork?! Dayum)



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