One of the great things about metal is that the musicians are accessible to their fans but still not everyone can go backstage.  That’s why we’re here, Heavy Blog Backstage with Fallujah,  Archspire, the Zenith Passage and another top tech death band after the break.

The Red House, the Walnut Creek, California venue where Fallujah played their first show ever is as packed as I’ve ever seen it for the band’s return from the Slaughter Surivor Tour and the successful release of The Flesh Prevails . I wandered around backstage and this is what happened.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSeNE81MDmI&w=560&h=315]

For those of you who would rather read than watch, here are some highlights.

Fallujah drummer Andrew Baird on what The Flesh Prevails means to him.

“We have all of these personal influences that we’ve put together. Our focal point for achieving what we think The Flesh Prevails to be is achieving this level of inner strength, “Carving Stone”, chisel out the best form of yourself kind of thing. Power, influence, inner control kind of stuff.”

Inanimate Existence guitarist Cameron Porras on writing the new record.

“We’re writing the story line for the new record. We want to do a story that’s really thick this time with more characters, more fucking random bullshit, a deep universe to immerse the listener in.

Justin McKinney and Rob Maramonte of The Zenith Passage say the band’s new record is coming.

“The record’s done, it’s just a matter of getting studio time booked. I want to say it will be out next year but I know we said it was going to be out this year. But with time constraints and school and personal lives…


It’s coming regardless.

Dean Lamb of Archspire on the audience for tech death.

We hope if a metal fan comes to the show that doesn’t always necessarily like tech death, at least they’ll come to the show and won’t be like this band sucks. It’s a very specific niche and not everyone is going to like it but we try to make it so nobody hates it.

Archspire singer Oliver Rae Aleron on whether his vocals are fake

No it’s not fake. We write just a bit above our ability. We all write together and we go into the studio with the intention of being able to perform what we write. We want to push our levels but we wouldn’t want to do something we couldn’t actually perform.

We’re going to do more of these Heavy Blog Backstage features. Look for us backstage at a venue near you, and be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel for the latest!



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