ERRA - Dreamcatcher

Last year was a very good year for Erra, especially around these parts. Augment made its way into several of our writers year end lists, mine included, with their take on metalcore – one with layers of lavish instrumentation, melody and some catchy as hell tunes. News from the bands Facebook teased at something big happening and, for anyone with half a brain and Sumerian Records on Instagram, it was quite apparent what was coming. More information and new music after the jump.


The band and Sumerian announced the new partnership by debuting the first song from their first collaboration. ‘Dreamcatcher’ will be the first track of the five track EP Moments Of Clarity and, to be honest, you have already heard this before. The same muted strings, the same melodic patterns and the same vocal hooks. It sounds like Erra, without showing too much influence from the Sumerian machine yet. By no means a complaint, this could very well be a B-side from Augment, albeit with a new harsh vocalist. Some of the staff here are worried that the band will go the way of certain Sumerian acts but until we get more of the new material we will just have to put a cork in it and wait.

You can preorder Moments Of Clarity here if you are that way inclined. Judge thee not until you have walked a mile in their shoes, or you know, listened to the new material.



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