Parasitic Ejaculation Previews the Echoes of Depravity with New Song

When you’re looking for music to play for your rich grandparents to show them how well you’ve turned out, a band with the name Parasitic Ejaculation has to

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When you’re looking for music to play for your rich grandparents to show them how well you’ve turned out, a band with the name Parasitic Ejaculation has to be at the top of the list right? New music from the Santa Cruz Slammers after the break.

Slam has always been a specialized taste but in the time since Parasitic Ejaculation released Rationing the Sacred Human Remains in the summer of 2013, these four guys based in Santa Cruz, California have surprisingly been part of an expanding of this sound to a wider audience.

“Honestly, the attention we have been receiving as of late is still a surprise to me,” bassist Josh Schwartz tells me. “I am astounded that this many people have an interest in a band that calls itself “Parasitic Ejaculation”. It’s amazing. And I am grateful for all the faith that these people bestow in us. Also the compliments we receive are very heartfelt. We have been told that we have created masterpieces and that we are people’s favorite bands, as well as people’s favorite slam bands. That is something I never thought I would hear in my life.

Parasitic  has returned to producer/mixer Max Zigman (Son of Aurelius, Inanimate Existence) for the sophomore release Echoes of Depravity and this week released the first song from the record “Parasitic Spinal Mutation.”

“For this first track that we released, we were shooting for the slammers in the audience. It is one of the most slammy, knuckle-dragging tracks on the album, so we wanted to hit that demographic first. However, we will be releasing another song before the album drops that will showcase the wide variety of dynamics we have to introduce in this new album.”

Schwartz says fans of Rationing the Sacred Human Remains should find this new record even slammier.

“I believe there are lot more slams in this album than in Rationing. The production is a lot more clean than Rationing as well. Not only this, but we have really increased the dynamics of our songs in terms of length, structure, and instrumentation. Jon does many new vocal styles, and we experimented more with time signatures, grooves, and wacky stuff.”

PE also includes drummer Donovan Dettle and guitarist Mike Mostachetti but it is vocalist Jonathan Neel’s performance that certainly stands out on this new track especially in the ending. I tracked him down to that most metal of all places, Disneyland to ask about it.

“I really wanted to explore some new vocal styles and experiment a little bit with this album, since I felt that I had very much rushed the vocals on Rationing, and as the music was being written I felt more and more that it would be fitting to play with vocal styles beyond just the pure guttural vocals that were primarily on rationing,” Jonathan pauses from the Magic Kingdom to say. “We also layered some different vocal styles on top of each other in the studio which ended up having a really brutal effect. Of course, my guttural toilet vocals are still the bread and butter of my vocal tool set, as the music is still 100% slam driven. Sorry for the late response, I had to take a break from my typing to get soaked on the rapids ride, haha.”

While Jon gets dried off, everyone wants to know, when will Echoes of Depravity be in our hands?

“Unfortunately there is no official release date yet, but it will definitely come very soon, as we are about to send the master to our label in Japan,” Josh notes.

So tell the grandparents to put on their slamming shoes because more Parasitic Ejaculation will soon “come” their way.


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Published 10 years ago