Vulvodynia – Mob Justice

Vulvodynia burst into the death metal scene five years ago and have since grown exponentially. You can get the bands merch printed on just about any item or surface imaginable – from backpacks to shower curtains, on sandals and your new child’s birth certificate. Probably. They’ve also put a handful of LPs and EPs, more importantly to the purpose of this review. 2016’s Psychosadistic Design saw the band hit a brutal death metal stride that seemingly disregarded their relative freshness to the genre, and now, three years on, and several more releases from the members’ side projects, the South African’s are back with Mob Justice.

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Kraanium – Slamchosis

Arguably one of the least represented genres here at Heavy Blog, brutal death metal is shlocky at best and ultra-gimmicky at worst. There is a very limited array of tools for these bands to use and if said band isn’t actually proficient with them, it’s always pretty obvious. Kraanium have…

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Stream (And Slam) The New Pathology Album

Just in time for the weekend, we have a full stream of the brand new self titled record from San Diego’s brutal death reps Pathology. With a somewhat familiar lineup back in the midst, Pathology have had their longest break from releasing a full length since inception, but slammin’ riff junkies don’t have to wait any longer. We got the goods. Definitely one of the nastier premieres we’ve had in awhile, over the jump you’ll find the West Coasts most active death outfit, burning through a half hour of typically punishing brutal death material. Put the kids to bed, hide all sharp objects, grab a hammer.

Gutslit – Skewered In The Sewer

There’s always a danger for a band like GUTSLIT, where they might be termed as nothing but a novelty with no actual substance due to their Indian origins. Thankfully, that stereotype is laid to waste with their debut album Skewered In The Sewer.

Hey! There’s A New Ovid’s Withering Track!

Ovid’s Withering, (a.k.a Ovdi Pls) are a bunch of guys from Tampa who love to be funny and heavy. While they’re hilarious people, their music is far from it, taking elements of black metal, deathcore, symphonic metal and slam to concoct then ultimate metal cocktail. They have released a new…

Dying Fetus’s New Song is a Beating

[youtube= Well, I’ve been known to like some Dying Fetus. I’m also known to like slam. Imagine my joy when Dying Fetus’s new song is a massive beating of slam. The song is called ‘Subjected to A Beating’, and it will be on their upcoming album Reign Supreme. Of course, in…