mostprizedIt could be a ticket stub, it could be a guitar, it could be a t-shirt or CD or Vinyl, but if you look around you, chances are you have a Most Prized Metal Possession. Some of ours after the jump.

We polled our Heavy Blog staff and after much rummaging around the HBIH staff treehouse, our folks fond some things that are special or meaningful to us. Now we’ve taken pictures of these things and posted them to our Instagram feed. Take a look.

Paul Mark Meisner
#HeavyBlogIsHeavy contributor Paul Mark Meisner says he was fortunate enough to be at #TheGreatMisdirect CD release show with @BTBAMOfficial. “It’s awesome and I’m proud to have been there and picked this up” making this shirt Paul’s #MostPrizedMetalPossession

William France
#HeavyBlogIsHeavy Australian contributor William France says it’s rare to see metal tours with laminates Down Under so that makes this connection of passes his #MostPrizedMetalPossession

Spencer Robert Snitil

#HeavyBlogIsHeavy Contributor Spencer Robert Snitil Says he feels very lucky to have located these two Out of Print Alice in Chains gems within a month of each other at two different stores making these CD’s his #MostPrizedMetalPossession.

Noyan Tokgozoglu

#HeavyBlogIsHeavy contributor Noyan Tokgozoglu says “I used to be the singer in a band that covered Death. I broke my ankle right before the show yet I did the show anyway. This is my leg brace. I took it to the first Death to All tour and got it signed by the entire lineup, including Masvidal, DiGiorgio, Hoglan etc. – Masvidal wrote ‘Break a Leg!'” making this his #MostPrizedMetalPossession

Scott Murphy

#HeavyBlogIsHeavy contributor Scott Murphy says this Isis “Panopticon” 2XLP on Transparent Sun Splatter Vinyl is his #MostPrizedMetalPossession

Brian Shields
#HeavyBlogIsHeavy Weekend editor Brian Shields’ #MostPrizedMetalPossession, his collection of Between the Buried and Me All Access Passes

We want to see some of your Most Prized Metal Possessions. Snap a photo of the thing that means the most to you in the metal world and tag us on Instagram with #HeavyBlogIsHeavy and #MostPrizedMetalPossession and we will share them here.


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