Blood Mantra
The highly anticipated new Decapitated album, Blood Mantra, comes out tomorrow, but if the anticipation is absolutely killing you and you can’t possibly wait another day, the whole album is up for streaming over at Metal Hammer. Click the link to hear it, and while you’re listening, read more info after the jump.

Based on what I’ve read around the interwebz, the verdict still seems to be out on Blood Mantra. Some people absolutely love the direction Decapitated have gone on this album, while others despise it and are even going as far as calling it nu metal (because apparently, any metal that has any sort of groove these days is called nu metal). I fall squarely into the former group, and think it showcases a new side of Decapitated not explored by the band before. I’m a slacker and am still writing my review of the album, but in the meantime, give Blood Mantra a spin and feel free to agree or disagree with my assessment of the album when the review goes live later this week.

– AL


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