TECHSLAM! Chief Australian brutal death exports Disentomb are continuing to fuel the hype and anticipation surrounding their forthcoming album, Misery. They premiered a track from the album a few weeks ago, and now they’ve released another earth-crushingly heavy track in the form of a sick and demented music video. Watch the video for “Vultures Descend” after the jump.



If these first two songs are any indication, Misery is going to wreck worlds. Their debut album, Sunken Chambers of Nephilim is one of my most favorite brutal death albums, but it sounds like Misery is going to top it in every way, shape and form. The production is cleaner, the composition is tighter and the riffs are just on another level. This album could very well put Disentomb in the same league as their peers Defeated Sanity and Disgorge; no small feat for a band just five years into their career.

You can pre-order Misery here. The album is set to be released on Oct. 14 via New Standard Elite.

– AL

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