Australian brutal death harbingers Disentomb have finally premiered a new song from their highly anticipated sophomore album, Misery, for the destruction of your ears. The track is called “An Edifice of Archbestial Impurity”, and it is freaking HEAVY. Listen after the jump.


2014 has been one hell of a year for brutal death metal, with superb releases from GorgasmCerebral Effusion, Twitch of the Death Nerve, Coprocephalic and more, but Disentomb’s new album has a chance of topping them all. I personally have been eagerly awaiting this album since it was announced back in February, and this new track was well worth the wait. It features insane guttural vocals, earth shattering groove, calculus-level technicality and city-leveling slams. Disentomb is brutal death at it’s finest, and if you’re a fan of the genre, you’d be remiss to not listen to this song. It’s as bleak and brutal as the album’s Nick Keller penned artwork, and it’s fantastic.

This song premiere comes coupled with the launch of pre-orders for Misery through the band’s label, New Standard Elite, which can be found here. You can bet your sweet petooty that I will be pre-ordering this bad boy, and you should too. Pre-orders are set to start shipping on Oct. 13, which means the actual release date can’t be too far behind that.

– AL


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