Electric Wizard are somewhat legendary, holding the title as one of the most pronounced and committed bands in the smoke entrenched verse of doom and stoner. After five years of absence, we’re slowly heading towards a new release. We’ve already had a few tastes of what we can expect and it’s definitely been good ol’ Electric Wizard. However, we’re in for a different kind of treat. The new track, ‘SadioWitch’ is a bit faster and displays a different side to the upcoming album. Check it out after the jump, via Pitchfork.

The good lads and ladies over at Pitchfork are streaming this track and have accurately pointed out the interesting balance in this song. The beat might be faster but the bass is so deliciously thick that it still manages to generate that slightly burnt, honey flavored flavor we expect from Electric Wizard. We’re heading for release day, September 30th, so make sure to stay tuned for any morsels.



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