Electric Wizard

Between you and me, you already know what to expect here. Electric Wizard have been on their sludge-drenched path for a long time now and if there’s one band you can rely on to be steady and constant, it’s these guys. However, this is bigger than that. I’ve been fan of this insane bunch for a long time now and something here feels different. Maybe everything is just turned to 11, maybe the vocals sound even more tortured and central than ever before. Maybe I’ll have to wait for the full release to put my finger on it, but this track is absolutely outstanding . Check it out for yourself right here.

What more can be added? That haunting snare that opens the track and returns throughout is masterful, the guitars are all-encompassing and catastrophic. As I said above, I’m also very pleased with the place the vocals take within the mix, certainly central enough to be heard but also subdued a bit to create that lost and faint sensation. We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the full release as it releases on the 30th of September, but this will certainly shake things up on our emerging end of year lists.



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