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German extreme metal act Defeated Sanity won over our hearts and minds early on by managing to combine the primal ignorance of brutal death metal and slam with the high-brained flair of progressive and technical death metal, creating a concoction so unbelievably heavy and jarring that they inspired the creation of the locally-used subgenre tag TECHSLAM (capslock mandatory). With the band mastering the combination of seemingly disparate styles, it comes as no surprise that the band would enjoy the freedom of breaking down their style and exploring the influences more thoroughly in either direction for the follow-up of 2013’s opus Passages into Deformity.

The band announced the unique idea of creating what is effectively a split record with themselves via Facebook:

Hey everyone! It may seem we were a little less active this year but now we’re back with some great news! The writing process of our fifth album is to be completed very soon. Actually all music is written at this point and we have already made plans and decisions which we want to let you know today:

First comes the most important. We consider ourselves a progressive Brutal Death Metal band and that means we can’t do the same thing over and over again. We love to play the nastiest brutalest Death Metal as much as we love to be musically challenged and advance into new territory. Normally we combine these two things into one sound which is what we became known for. Now for our next album we changed this concept and instead of mixing all ingriedients together into one progressive brutal stew, we will go in two seperate ways.  Which means…

YES, we will record a SPLIT album with ourselves!!
One side will be the most brutal, more simple, more caveman Brutal Death that we ever made – but don’t worry it will NOT be boring!!

The other side will be everything else. Technical, oldschool, progressive – just like we love to hear it from our old Prog Thrash&Death heroes but of course we do it in our own way!

The album will again be released by Willowtip Records. Our cooperation has been extended by a new two-album contract. They have been reliable and professional and we couldn’t be happier with what they offered us.

We will record the album in two parts. We have scheduled the first recording session at the end of the year.
It is too early to give a release date yet but we are looking at summer 2015.

Share this around and get excited. We can’t wait to nail this beast down, it’s going to be a perfect fifth album for us!!!


This is sure to be a fascinating record! I’m not sure there are any other bands out there who have consciously decided to break down their styles into two separate experiences before. 2015 can’t come fast enough. We’ll be sure to share more info on Defeated Slammity when it comes in.


– JR


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