Hello folks! So, you think you know what to expect from a Red Fang video by now, eh? Let me guess: beards being soaked by beer, things getting smashed up either by car or melee weaponry and general debauchery. Well, the only part that fits the bill this time, is the last one, as the notoriously grimy band take to their fancy suits to enjoy the more refined things in life. Take a look for yourself after the jump!


I must say, this is my favorite Red Fang clip to date. Seeing the band all dressed up and enjoying all that food just has something downright funny about it. The addition of slow motion adds that Red Fang touch, making you cringe at the more graphic parts. The track itself is killer of course and the antics, while quite silly, never get boring. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving right now!



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