This is a weird one. Apparently Matt Heafy, Trivium‘s frontman/guitar player ghost writes songs for other bands. He released such a song on his tumblr (which is down at the moment, but we have the song after the jump). Turns out the band he wrote it for didn’t use the song, so he put it up instead. It’s titled “The Wretchedness Inside”. Makes one wonder how many other songs he’s written that haven’t been publicly disclosed?


While the song is clearly Matt all over, it also sounds very different from his normal style. He does the “angry speaking into screaming” thing that seems to be pretty popular with metalcore/djent bands nowadays. A youtube commenter seems to think this was written for War of Ages, but for all we know that’s pure speculation. What do you think? What band does this sound like? It would also be fun to speculate on what other bands he could have ghostwritten material for.



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