Ulcerate tour
Ulcerate make some of the heaviest music around. Combining the wall of sound techniques found in sludge with the blistering technicality and vocals of death metal, they create a sound that is as unique as it is abrasive. We recently got the chance to film them during one of their shows and we can promise you it was pretty destructive. Yesterday, the band announced a European tour and had a few surprises as far as supporting bands go. Check out the full release after the jump.

Ulcerate tour
Whoa. Not only Ulcerate but Wormed in support as well? Wormed should be a wonderful compliment to the Ulcerate sound, being a more dynamic but still incredibly heavy iteration of the core sounds found in the former’s sound. And the fun continues, as it appears Gigan will also be taking the stage on this tour. Being a highly underrated technical death ensemble, it’s nice to see these guys land such a lucrative spot on this tour. All in all, if you’re in Europe and next to one of these dates and you don’t go, I just don’t know you anymore man, you know? Go see these shows.


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