Seven Year Storm
Instrumental music, right? It seems as if there’s no end to this varied and intriguing genre, where a few years ago albums were sparse and hard to find. However, have you heard of such an endeavor fronted by a drummer? To be certain, there are a few progressive acts driven from the drum position, but this is a bit more than that. Seven Year Storm is the brainchild of Sean Lang, a renowned and established tutor and teacher of drums. He’s now looking to bring his music to the crowds and for that purpose, has turned to Indiegogo. Check out his video after the jump.


Well! Two points make themselves clear from the get go: this album will feature one of the best guitarists working today, Dean Lamb of Archspire, and the influences on this album sound more promising. Citing Planet X, Chimspanner, Animals and Leaders and Between the Buried and Me, Lang is definitely setting this up to be a thoroughly progressive creation. The end of the video also features an early mix of one of the songs which confirms that. It sounds sweet and catchy and well worth your money. If you’re so inclined, you can head over to the campaign and help Sean out!



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