In Flames
Alright, the title might be a slight exaggeration. In Flames‘s career was pretty great, up until the point where founding member Jesper Stromblad left and they put out a terrible album. Now they’re coming out with a new album titled Siren Charms, and as a lifelong fan, I’ve been hopeful that it might not be too awful. Well, they’ve already released singles from the album, and they’re not that great. Regardless, ‘Rusted Nails’ now has a video which you can watch on Loudwire.

While the song isn’t as soul-crushingly disappointing as stuff from Sounds of a Playground fading, it’s still painfully mediocre. The verse riff could pass off in a c-tier Korn tribute band, but the chorus melody actually sounds like they tried a bit. Maybe this is being too harsh, as it’s quite obvious in the video that they’ve gotten older and they don’t feel the same way as they did when they put out classics like Whoracle. Hell, it’s even been 8 years since the superb Come Clarity and that’s a long time. However, while this single isn’t as bad as it could have been, it’s still wholly unnecessary.

Still, if you enjoy it, they’re putting out the album that no one really asked for on the 5th of September via Epic/Sony.


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