Rosetta are never a band to abstain from doing things by halves — their 2005 debut The Galilean Satellites comprised of two monolithic discs, designed to be played simultaneously, it’s follow-up Wake/Lift was released alongside a counterpart EP comprised of ambient recordings inspired by the record and, finally, 2013’s The Anaesthete saw the band venture out into the great unknown of independent releases.

That’s why it seems so apt that the band are getting their own feature-length documentary, showcasing the trials the band have undergone over the years and their choice to go completely independent — all thanks to Justin Jackson, whose previous work includes high-profile companies including Samsung and MTV.

A crowdfunding page has been set up to fund some of the latter-day touches the documentary needs such as sound editing and design and comes with the short video below, explaining the premise and giving some insight into the documentary:


Jackson also gives some real heartfelt reasoning for wanting to work with the band, stating:

I found that not only were the band members great musicians but they were genuine, engaging, and complex. When I learned they have to work day jobs to support their music it really resonated with me. I wanted to convey the struggles musicians go through in order to express themselves through their craft. Through this film I learned that each member of Rosetta tirelessly pursues moments of joy and catharsis no matter the strain it places on their daily lives. “

As of writing, the page has already raised nearly 90% of it’s goal, which suggests this clearly a needed product. For a band that have painted themselves a colourful career with some hugely dramatic music, to have someone tell their story is sure to be an interesting prospect.

And if you haven’t heard Anaesthete yet, right your wrongs here.

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