Thanks to Jimmy MacGregor for the picture suggestion!

It’s been a while coming, but now you can finally hear the upcoming new album from Mastodon, entitled Once More ‘Round The Sun, and while it may require you to have iTunes installed, I feel it’s a worthwhile sacrifice. Just follow this link (thanks to American Aftermath for the link, the iTunes store isn’t exactly intuitive for finding the album) and it should be sat there waiting for you. Unfortunately, it’s stored as a single 50+ minute track so you’re going to have pull up your own tracklisting and the like.

I’m only about three quarters of my way through the record, but I have to say I’m enjoying it a lot more ‘immediately’ than I did The Hunter. The band seem to have taken influences from all the way across their back catalogue, with some sections playing out like the winding and progressive ideas that made up the brilliant Crack The Skye and others coming across as the not-so-distant cousins of Blood Mountain‘s ruthless approach. I’m really interested to see how people perceive this one.

– DL


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