Every Time I Die 2013 by Josh Hulstein

It’s a day for streaming some amazing new music it seems, as now you can also hear the raucous new album from southern-rock-doused anti-party party-metal-core merchants Every Time I Die (my genre descriptors are getting desperate). Firstly, I’ll get my obvious bias of the way — this is easily one of the best records I’ve heard all year, maybe not one that will likely sway those who aren’t already fans but a veritable goldmine for those that are.


From the opening twang of ‘The Great Secret‘ to final shuddering crunch of ‘Idiot‘, from the initial screech of ‘blow your fucking brains out‘ to the closing lines of ‘all I want is for everyone to go to hell‘, this is probably the most overtly pissed off the band have been since Hot Damn! Which, having recorded the album alongside the king of crust, Kurt Ballou, shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

– DL


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