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Not many bands change a perfectly good name once they’ve already made that title a name for themselves as a well respected band. Since their inception, I haven’t heard a single negative thing online about Philly’s Code Orange Kids, which is a certainly a feat not easily accomplished in the fickle metal and hardcore community. Well, I take that back. Today’s the first time I’ve ever seen it happen, as the group bewilder just about everyone by changing their name to Code Orange, dropping the character-giving “Kids” from their title. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see how well it plays out for them.

It’s an odd thing to do, but understandable; Code Orange feels more serious, which their music calls for, I suppose. Still, why not stick with a growing household name in the hardcore scene? Code Orange is quite firm on the matter:

“We are code orange. We are code orange kids. If a word being moved around shakes you up….get off board now.

Out with the old. In with the new. No mercy.”

Well I guess that’s that. Code Orange Kids grew up.

Their new album I Am King — which was recorded by Kurt Ballou!will be out September 2nd via Deathwish, Inc. We’ll leave you with the tracklist:

1. I Am King
2. Slowburn
3. Dreams in Inertia
4. Unclean Spirit
5. Alone in a Room
6. My World
7. Starve
8. Your Body is Ready….
9. Thinners of the Herd
10. Bind You
11. Mercy

New music and pre-orders soon!

– JR

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