every time i die from parts unknown

A short while back we found out that everybody’s favourite Buffalo wrecking posse Every Time I Die were in the studio working with Kurt Ballou on their new album. Well lo and be-fucking-hold, we now have the first morsel of this incredible collaboration in the form of ‘Thirst‘. Forget what you expected and forget what you know because the brothers Buckley and co. are back with crotch burning vengeance.

Noisey have the premiere of this new track and, forgetting the try too hard article alongside it, I personally give them a thousand thanks. While brief, ‘Thirst’ kicks right into classic (we’re talking Hot Damn! classic) Every Time I Die. The frenetic energy of the band is channeled through Keith Buckleys unique and savage poetry while the rest of the band smash strings and floor toms like they are going out of fashion.


Ex Lives was a sonic masterpiece from start to finish, with the mayhem we have come to expect from the band reined in superbly with more somber material. ‘Thirst’ is far too brief to give a good idea of what Kurt Ballou has brought to the table but right now, who gives? Every Time I Die have a new album out and the guitarist and producer of Converge was behind the buttons and dials for it. Get excited, From Parts Unknown is out on July 1st through Epitaph Records. Pre-orders are available at this location.



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