Skyharbour Hit the Campaign Trail for Second Album


The question of crowd funding music is one that is not going to go away. On the contrary, as more and more platforms enable this sort of transaction we’re probably going to see an increasing number of bands turning towards this source. However, small bands looking to get jump started by their fan base is one thing while established names, often signed to labels, are another. This issue becomes relevant once more, as Skyharbor, best known for their frontman Dan Tompkins (ex-TesseracT) announced today that they will be seeking crowd funding for their upcoming, sophomore album.

Such campaigns certainly offer great opportunities for die hard fans, with donation tiers ranging from vocal lessons with Tompkins to signed CDs, a gaming session with Dan on the PS3 (?) and many more cool rewards. That being said, one is left with the question: aren’t Skyharbor, or their label, more than capable of producing an album? If so, what role do the listeners play in this endeavor? What do you think? Is this a positive trend or rather a worrying development in the music publishing process?

You can read the release in full and donate right here.



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