Super-groups are a strange beast, walking the thin line between repetition and worship.  However, super-groups can be vital forces, unchained by restriction. Nader Sadek is an even stranger beast: it is spearheaded by Nader Sadek himself, who used to work not on the stage but behind it, managing visual effects for Mayhem. Three years after the project’s first album, Nader Sadek are premiering a new video and a remastered track. You can hear it after the jump!


With such a monstrous list of stars, it’s not surprising that this is insane, brutal and quality death metal. Featuring members from names like Mayhem, Cattle Decapitation and Cryptopsy, Nader Sadek deliver a slew of experimental sounds that challenge and breakdown the ear.  The remixing of the original track, ‘Mechanic Idolatry, breathes new life into the track now known as ‘Re: Mechanic’. All in all, all fans of death metal should be expecting the next release from this ambitious group. We hope it’s not too far off.


(via Metal Hammer)


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