The lead up to the new Monuments album, The Amanuensis, has been brewing for a long time. In the last round of teasing releases, we got a taste of guitarist’s John Browne amazing skills, artwork and a tracklist. We also got to hear a little bit more about the concept of the album, apparently drawing from Hindu mythology and Cloud Atlas. Now, Monuments shift the energies into higher gear, releasing the first track off the album, I, The Creator. You can listen to it yourself after the jump!


This album is set to be an extension and exploration of the band’s previous killer, GnosisThis is one of the tracks we saw Browne playing for EMG and it sounds even better with Chris Barreto’s vocals. His cleans are amazing and the way they blend with Browne’s leads is exquisite. Also feeding our excitement is the pristine drum sound on this track, resulting in a powerful backbone. We’re getting closer to release folks and if you’re not excited yet, this track is sure to get you going.

The Amanuensis releases July 8th via Century Media.



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